KeyCity Capital is a values-based, growth-oriented financial services company built on the principles of integrity, trust, and communication.

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We connect our investors to private equity in real estate and alternative investments, with the goal of generating risk-adjusted, long-term wealth.

Our Investment Strategy

We concentrate our investments in asset-backed alternative investments, value-add, cash flowing single family and multi-family income producing properties, and new development build-for-rent communities.


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Cash-Flowing Real Estate

KeyCity currently targets acquisitions in the A, B & C class markets, which cover a wide range of propertiesfrom newer, turnkey builds that attract higher-income renters, to older properties, often without professional property management, that may cater to lower-income renters and likely require renovations. While B- and C-class properties typically have the largest product demand with the lowest supply, we are also seeing a marked increase in A-class properties. We believe this is due to several factors, in particular the growing U.S. populations who do not or cannot own their own homes—whether the result of financial issues or a desire for greater freedom that comes from renting as opposed to buying—creating a consistent market need for properties in these markets.

What Makes Us Different

KeyCity takes a holistic approach to property acquisition and management, starting with a proven methodology for selecting well-positioned acquisitions. New properties benefit from smart upgrades, a comprehensive property management approach, and full-service construction resources.


KeyCity Capital created geographical target criteria using a formula based on those used by regional banks when targeting locations for branch cities and locations. We primarily focus on properties that show signs of growth and support for innovation, located in areas that are home to institutes of higher education, medical campuses, multiple large employers, a network of local and national banks headquartered nearby. Areas that meet these criteria support a range of employment needs, driving the need for affordable housing.

Property Management

KeyCity is committed to making each step of the rental process easy for our tenants while providing well-maintained units designed with their needs in mind. KeyCity Property Management provides a range of services including marketing, applicant screening, rent collection and maintenance, while also maintaining strong relationships with our tenants to ensure their needs are being met.

Construction Management

KeyCity Construction Management is a full-service construction, remodel and restoration company. With resources including its own warehouse, interior designer and on-site specialists in flooring, cabinetry, tile, granite, countertops and lighting, KeyCity Construction stands out for its individualized service and ability to keep costs down by maintaining all services in-house. In addition to our renovation services, our team is also skilled in storm damage repair and roofing needs.

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