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As a Member of the KeyCity Capital's Platinum Club, You are Now Entitled to a Number of Exclusive Benefits.

Platinum Club Members Will Receive:

  • 4 Nights at Exclusive Luxury Vacation Property owned and managed by KeyCity Capital

  • Substantial discount on additional usage of KeyCity Capital Vacation Properties Annual retreats and exclusive events

  • Flight and transport paid by KCC if prospect is invited to event

  • One event at our American Airlines suite with minimum of 6 people required on night of usage

  • Private dinner/workshop events with special guest speakers and thought leaders

  • Private Experience at the KeyCity Capital Christmas party

  • First notification of new investment opportunities and special promotions Short-term note investment opportunities

  • Special recognition of KeyCity Capital relationship milestones

  • Customized KeyCity Capital Mont Blanc Pen

  • And more!


Who We Are:

KeyCity Capital is a world-class private equity and wealth acceleration firm. We serve accredited investors and high net worth individuals with comprehensive wealth strategy and extremely attractive investments in the industry. Through using proprietary tools, we develop custom wealth strategies that blend investment diversification with personalized tax, income, and savings plans. Our world-class investment funds help investors diversify into distressed real estate and alternative assets, earn consistent passive income with high-yield returns while providing liquidity and security. By rapidly growing wealth for our investors, we empower our investors to obtain personalized financial independence. Our team blends years of proven experience across wealth strategy, finance, tax, accounting, and private capital management, through hundreds of successful investments. We connect capital to wealth and build intergenerational wealth for our investors.


KeyCity Capital provides private offerings to its partners that offer the highest and best return under safe, strong, and secure real estate and asset-backed investments that generate consistent cash flow, growth, and appreciation as well as optimizing on tax advantages and tax shelters.  


KeyCity Capital offers more than just a safe and secure investment, we offer a full-service blueprint for you to turn your capital into wealth. Whether you are looking to retire 5 years, 10 years, or even more, before you expected, add another source of income, live life at the next level, put your kids through college, leave an inheritance, or like the managing partners leave an impact on your 5th generation. 


KeyCity Capital achieves industry-leading returns while minimizing risk - through investing in multifamily and single-family real estate and unique alternative cash-flowing asset-backed investments. Our investments are designed to preserve and grow our partners’ capital, generate investor cash flow, build wealth, create a legacy, and protect from tax liabilities.

KeyCity Capital seeks to create a positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors, the assets we invest in, and the communities in which we work. We do this by using extraordinary people and flexible capital to solve complex problems. 

KeyCity Capital's mission of connecting capital to wealth is accomplished through our focused approach of generating the 4 KEYS to Wealth for each of our partners. Our philosophy and focus on income-producing, affordable housing in target specific markets combined with diversification in unique alternative asset-backed investments generates our partners consistent cash flow and double-digit returns.


KeyCity Capital has a proven track record with over ten years of experience in real estate and alternative investments. Our partners have never experienced a loss of capital and we have never missed a distribution to our partners.


Our unwavering focus is connecting capital to wealth and acting as stewards of our investors' capital. Our core values within our company culture aim to provide the highest return, cash flow, understanding of the market, safe and secure investment, double-digit returns, continued growth, high competency, open communication, tax advantages, and an unwavering level of customer service. These values are the foundation upon which the company was built. 

We are focused on long-term relationships and creating legacy wealth with our partners as we follow our vision of connecting capital to wealth.


KeyCity Capital has the KEY for you to connect your capital to wealth!  We are building a legacy with our partners.  

What is the KeyCity Capital Patinum Club?

KeyCity Capital Patinum Club is an exclusive, invitation-only group providing exclusive benefits and opportunities to KeyCity Capitals’ most active and influential investors.

Are you ready to become a partner?

Decision Making Process:

We follow our motto “Connecting capital to wealth” and all investment decisions, personnel decisions, and company decisions are made with the partnership approach. All decisions are made with our partners interest as the lead focus. Together we are building a legacy. KeyCity Capital is the KEY to your Legacy.

Investment Philosophy:

  • Growth Oriented

  • Cash Flow Driven

  • Equity Focused

  • Partnership Minded

  • Powered by Attention to detail

  • In God we trust…in all else we measure





WIT: Whatever it Takes












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What We Provide:
  • Partnership Experience

  • Industry Leading Return

  • Consistent Cash Flow

  • Safe, Strong, & Secure Investments

  • Equity Growth

  • Investment Appreciation & Growth

  • Tax Advantages & Shelters

  • Wealth Strategist

  • Tax & Asset Planning