About The Partners:
Boone Lasater
Managing Partner

Who Is Boone Lasater?


    Boone Lasater is a managing partner of KeyCity Capital, the Worlds #1 at Connecting Capital to Wealth. Boone spent many of his early years in business in the world of Public Accounting. With a degree from Tarleton University in Accounting, Boone worked for 6 years in Public Tax and Audit before transitioning into Private Equity. Boone started off PE Oil and Gas companies and navigated all the way to Assistant Controller at his last position before venturing into KeyCity Capital with his current partners.


    With Keycity Capital, Boone and his partners have been named to the Rich Dad Hall of Fame sponsored by Robert Kiyosaki as well as nominated as a Top 100 Real Estate Investment Firm by Entrepreneur Magazine.


    Boone is married to Dana Lasater, who is passionate about her work as a PA in Pediatrics at a top ranked leading hospital in Dallas. They have 2 dogs, Twix (Chocolate Lab) and Oliver (Miniature Aussie). Boone has numerous hobbies that he enjoys including fishing, golfing, and other activities.


    Boone looks forward to the future growth and success together with our partners as we create Legacies together.

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