About The Partners:
Mack Garrett
Managing Partner
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Who Is Mack Garrett?

Mack Garrett, Managing Partner at KeyCity Capital, started in real estate in 2006 as a realtor in his spare time, while working as a police officer. He then began his interest in real estate investments, and through these he was awarded the International Real Estate Hall of Fame, sponsored by the Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Program. Through this program, Mack met and partnered with his current business partners, Tie and Boone Lasater.


    At the 9-year mark in his law enforcement career, Mack’s passive income and total wealth accumulation in real estate allowed him to leave his storied police career months before being totally vested in the city pension program.


    Mack has mastered the arena of property management and supervises all properties for KeyCity Capital and their investors. KeyCity Capital was recently named Top 100 Real Estate Companies in Top 100 Magazine.